Saturday, August 31, 2013

Tokyo, Japan

One cold silent night on Oshiage in Sumida, there stood the tallest structure in Japan.

Waves, Iceland

This is a one-second exposure of the trails left by a crashing wave over small icebergs on Jökulsárlón beach; I think it looks a bit like an octopus.

Hawa Mahal, India

I thought this would be a good place for pictures, so I returned during the evening on my second night in Jaipur. I got lucky with the rain because it made for interesting reflections, and I had a good time trying to capture the chaotic motion on the streets of Jaipur. Hawa Mahal (The Palace of Winds) is pictured in the background.

Evening Walk, Sydney

People pictured enjoying a warm evening near the Sydney Opera House

Cafe Patron, Paris

I don't claim the status of a photographer, I just take the pictures. When a subject catches my attention there's no time for analysis or composition. My work is instinctual.

Bamboo Forest, Japan

In the Muromachi period, Sesson Shukei (1504-1589), a painting priest, used this hermitage as the foothold for his activities during his old age. No sound except the murmur of the wind can be heard. Tomb of natural stone, countless bamboos all quietly breathing.

Bira Beach, Indonesia

A fisherman at Bira Beach